The Autism Education Training Center


The Autism Education and Training Center is dedicated enriching the education and lives of families and children with developmental disabilities.
Our organization does this through a Parent and Advocate Training and Certification Program, advocacy assistance, providing resources and guidance, and direct consultation with families.



Our training series is designed to provide three “tiers” or levels of training regarding the public education system and leads parents and advocates from simply being “Aware” to “Informed” to finally “Empowered”.





Our Mission is:


- To educate individuals regarding their legal rights and the use of best practices in the education of children with developmental delays within the public schools.

- To further the learning and language skills of children with developmental delays.

- To educate the community about autism and developmental disabilities.


Sheila A. Wolfe, Founder and Director



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Sheila A. Wolfe
Parent Advocate
Executive Director
Autism Education and Training Center, Inc.

Sheila Wolfe has worked as a professional advocate since 2004. She is also the founder of the Autism Education and Training Center, Inc. Through the AETC, she has developed a parent and advocate training and certification program to assist families with the training and education needed to navigate the complicated world of special education.

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